Justice Samuel Alito makes it clear that he believes Congress *does not* have the authority to reign in the rogue justices

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito is on the defence once more but this time a series of comments made to the WSJ have sparked widespread condemnation. In the interview, Alito appeared to suggest that no matter what nothing can stop the Supreme Court in its current form.

In an interview with the opinion section of the WSJ, rogue Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito came out the gate swinging with claims that there is no single power presently that has the right to reign in the Supreme Court.

“No provision in the Constitution gives them the authority to regulate the Supreme Court — period,” he told a pair of interviewers for the business paper’s Opinion section.

This is not true though. According to US Courts, Article III section 1 states that in essence although the Constitution establishes the court Congress gets to decide how to organize it.

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