Cambodia ‘s ruling party appears to have won the country’s election amid claims that the election was a sham from the start

Cambodia ‘s ruling party is once again headed to a reported victory, though not without claims that the election was once again rigged in favour of the establishment.

Prime Minister Hun Sen’s ruling party all but guaranteed their win this weekend thanks to campaigns of voter suppression and intimidation which resulted in no international observers from the Western world.

Mr Sok Eysan, the spokesperson for Hun Sen’s Cambodian People’s Party (which has ruled for 38 years), said he believed it captured a total of 78% to 80% of the total turnout. “I have no results about the allocation of seats, but as of now but I can say that the ruling Cambodian People’s Party has won a landslide victory,” he told the AP over the weekend hours after the sham results were announced.

It is the latest country to host essentially sham elections while numerous others are all flirting with the same form of dictatorships.

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