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In an effort to maintain the ongoing transparency we’ve always strived to have we are embarking on a new Q&A adventure. A few months ago, we launched a guestbook where we have since discovered people have left various questions they’d like us to answer. Users will have one week beginning tonight at midnight UK time to ask us any question in the guestbook. We will choose as many as possible to answer over the course of said week.

Please remember to keep the commentary kind. Offensive commentary including but not limited too: hate speech, harassment, bullying, threats, death threats, and anything related is strictly prohibited on our comment boards.

Beginning Tuesday, we are going to attempt to tackle as many as we can over the course of the next week. We are choosing to address them because it appears some people are misinformed about our history and we’d like to clear a few things up.

As always cheers to everyone and the guestbook is available at the top of this page. We appreciate all the love from around the world truly.

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