The ‘submarine’ Titan that vanished searching for the Titanic is believed to have imploded killing all of those aboard nearly instantly in heartbreaking end to int’l rescue mission

Int’l search and rescue efforts for the ‘Titan 5’ have come to a heartbreaking end. On Thursday, search and rescue efforts came to an end after the U.S Coast Guard announced that all 5 are believed to have died after the submarine imploded that far beneath any depths that most of mankind has ever even thought about.

According to the U.S Coast Guard, some debris of the now doomed Titanic sub have been found. Authorities say that the discovery was made about 1,600 feet away from the previously doomed Titanic wreck that took place in 1912. Search and rescue efforts will remain underway to retrieve any bodies that rescuers may be able to find. NPR reports that the discovery was made by a remote craft that the U.S Coast Guard had been using to get down there.

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