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Who is calling the shots in Ukraine? It might not be just Russia

EDITORS NOTE: We must note here that this information appears to come from an intelligence report and has not yet seen or had a full confirmation by a reputable intelligence official on either side as of yet (but that may take a while.) This appears to have been discovered this week and Chinese officials at the Embassy in Washington have issued a statement regarding the very claims found in this article.

According to a New York Times report, a Senior level intelligence report has emerged with some shocking new details about the days leading up to the war in Ukraine. In the report, intelligence officials claim that China knew about the attack all along and forced Russia to wait until at least a day after the Olympics. As many of you know, Putin quite literally ordered the invasion the next day. Despite making no sanctions of its own against Putin; taking out harsh comments against him in the press, and the war in itself — Xi Jinping and numerous Chinese government officials are quietly evacuating their own citizens along with family members or relatives who may be in the country.

Putin had publicly had troops near the border for quite some time prior to the Olympics having approached. Western powers are convinced that China appears to be working alongside Russia but publicly taking a neutral stance.

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