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But that mystery and its reason may have potentially serious consequences. According to South African officials, the 21 person(s) group of teenagers that abruptly died at an East London tavern last month ingested something called methanol. If that sounds familiar that is because that is a form of alcohol but that is typically found in a more industrial setting rather than alcohol made for human consumption.

“Methanol has been detected in all the 21 individuals that were there; however, there is still progressive analysis of the quantitative levels of methanol and whether it could have been the final cause of death,” Dr. Litha Matiwane, Eastern Cape provincial deputy director for clinical service, said at a Tuesday press conference.

Nobody has been charged yet but there have been several reported witnesses that reportedly told police that a security guard sprayed something into the crowd. An owner and multiple associates have since been arrested since the investigation started and their liquor licenses revoked amid reports children were present.

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