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In what may seem like a scene straight out of The Orphan a real-life story involving an alleged adoption is catching headlines around the world. In it, a couple claims that their so-called innocent adopted daughter is actually an adult woman.

But it only gets weirder from there. In a shocking 3-part documentary that aired on i.D over the weekend, a woman’s alleged case and her shocking behaviors that followed were finally revealed. That woman of course has been identified as Natalia Grace, a ‘young girl’ that was adopted as a Ukrainian refugee by an American couple in Indiana. However, the couple Michael & Kristine Barnett quickly realized that Grace may not have been all that she was cracked up to be.

It is not exactly clear how Grace ended up in the supposed adoption ‘system’ whether in Ukraine or the United States. The Barnett Family, however, is now quickly learning that even with an alleged imposter on their hands — child abandonment is still a crime. According to additional reports, the couple is still facing legal issues over the case. Kristine ‘s case was dismissed and Michael one an acquittal early on.

In the series, researchers managed to piece together what Grace had told her and what they had assumed to be true about her. But dating back all the way to 2012, the case couldn’t have gotten any stranger but it did just that. Records from the time (per The Guardian) revealed that the couple had taken the girl to a doctor only to learn that according to the doctor, she was not a child but actually may have been a 22-year-old adult.

Following that the couple rented an apartment for her in Lafayette Indiana where she was then left to figure out life for herself. But the problems didn’t stop there for the couple despite having later divorced; moved to Canada, and entirely on with their lives. After their move to Canada, authorities later caught up with the couple and charged them with abandonment. Critics and the like of course have been largely divided over the case considering nobody really knows how old this girl really is.

Catch this fascinating story in even further detail in a Guardian profile.

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