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A bizarre new scam is targeting teenage boys parents everywhere need to see this *right now*

A bizarre and elaborate new online scam is targeting boys as young as 11 years old. The scam is similar to other sextortion style scams out there except this one is targeting children.

So here’s how it goes. Predators are using popular apps and sites where boys typically hang out online with their friends (think Twitch; Twitter, Snapchat, and more.) One avenue that appears to be quite popular is video game streaming platforms. Most of the platforms in question don’t actually have what would amount to catfish detection abilities — so this scam has managed to flourish because nobody knows who somebody actually is on those sites.

Reports say that once these freaks manage to get online and going they pretend to then be teenage girls whereas they lure boys to their own worst fears. From there, boys are usually tricked into sending saucy images to what they believe to be a young girl but it in fact isn’t. News reports over the past three years in America revealed that (via Google) this trend has taken multiple lives by suicide.

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