Netflix is changing its subscriptions again and eliminating its $12 ad-free plan in the latest price hike for consumers

To squeeze as much money as possible out of consumers, Netflix is shaking the table once more. According to CNET, the streamer has announced that its $12 ad-free plan is entirely being done away with after existing as a last effort since last year.

The Lowdown

CNET reports that the streamer’s cheaptest ad-free option is riding off into the sunset as the streamer makes a continued effort to keep up with its rivals. The $12 plan was previously ten bucks around the same time Netflix announced its infamous ad subscription plan announced last year formally.

This leaves the network’s ad-supported; standard ad-free, or premium plans to choose from. If consumers want to be courteous and share their login with family members that will also now run people about eight bucks.

The ad-free plan will soon run consumers $15 a month up to about $3.

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