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Italy has announced it is expanding a widespread effort to place children from mafia families in foster care sparking criticism

Italy is heading a renewed effort to strip children from their mafia families in an effort that has sparked widespread discussion.

The Lowdown

According to reports, Italy’s social services-led program that exists to do such is set to expand to the region of Sicily. The expansion has been met with equal part praise and equal part controversy following claims that even mafia members have a right to be parents.

Italy has had the program since 2012 when it first began in the Calabria region. Its move to Sicily marks an expansion into Cosa Nostra mafia territory and Campania the territory of the Camorra mafia.

Official reports on the Free to Choose project revealed that the program so far has taken 150 children from their mafia-related mafias and placed them in foster care in secret locations.

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