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Senator Bob Menendez alleged to be a mole for the Egyptians arraigned on charges he betrayed the United States

NJ ‘s Bob Menendez who is accused of a host of crimes including acting as a foreign agent for Egypt is finally expected to enter arraignment. According to reports, Menendez is expected in court this week after a laughable few weeks trying to justify his alleged actions.

Disgraced NJ Senator Bob Menendez who has been accused of numerous crimes over the years is set to answer for even more. According to reports, Menendez is due back in federal court this week to be arraigned on a foreign agent charge over his failure to notify the Americans he was in bed with Egypt.

Menendez was notably excused from court today during the hearing due to Senate business. Menendez is explicitly accused of “providing sensitive U.S. Government information and took other steps that secretly aided the Government of Egypt,” according to a superseding indictment.

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