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Bazaar Express: Trump favors 16 week abortion ban, what’s on TV tonight, the latest in Ukraine, NRA trial begins in New York, plus more top stories by The Express

Good morning everyone and welcome to this edition of Bazaar Express. A reminder for everyone out there. Alexei Navalny was a hero and Vladamir Putin is still believed to be a killer.

  1. What’s on TV tonight

Lover Stalker Killer on Netflix. The first and only step you must do before watching this is prepare yourself because this was a wild documentary.

2. What’s new at Bazaar Daily

Our latest edition is coming and we can’t wait to show everyone.

3. Report claims Trump favors a 16 week abortion ban which is just slightly less draconian than that of his far-right counterparts and those behind the scenes within the MAGA movement.

4. The latest in Ukraine

5. The jury in the case of the National Rifle Association and the state of New York ‘s corruption trial has begun. New York claims that the agency and its previous head Wayne La’Pierre are both corrupt and therefore a blockbuster trial has begun.

A blockbuster trial began in New York this week in the case of weapons dealer Wayne La’Pierre and that of the National Rifle Association the notorious American weapons dealer. The state of New York claims that while executive La’Pierre and a host of other executives got caught red-handed while making a number of huge lavish purchases over the years. In La’Pierre’s specific case, he is accused of enriching himself to the tune of millions of dollars in lavish spending at the expense of the NRA. NBC reports that there are at least 3 other executives also accused of enriching themselves.

TRENDING: Jennifer Lopez who is believed to be retiring from music after announcing her latest project is likely her last chats with The Tonight Show.

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