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Good afternoon everyone and welcome to this edition of The Afternoon by Bazaar Express. Before we begin, a few words of wisdom as the weekend kicks off around the world. Some people might argue that religion is built upon the idea of keeping people in check rather than in-faith, because they’d argue that if people believed in themselves to begin with they wouldn’t seek faith elsewhere.

  1. What’s on TV tonight

Badland Hunters on Netflix. We have not seen this yet but we will have a review for this in Sunday ‘s edition of The Express. It is following an earthquake that Seoul gets transformed into a lawless society, until a fearless and brave huntsman jumps into action to spring a missing teen abducted by a psychotic doctor.

2. News site The Messenger which opened in the most glitzy way possible last year is shutting down after a number of eye-popping woes and missteps.

The Messenger which opened last year with claims of becoming the new it magazine in town has gone into administration. According to reports, the troubled news site was never quite able to bounce back after financial troubles surfaced because of its over-the-top editor

3. Nikki Haley downplays the right’s sudden obsession with Taylor Swift.

4. Checking in on Donald Trump.

His former CFO is in talks to plead guilty to a perjury charge.

5. The latest in Ukraine

6. Fulton County DA Fani Willis has admitted to having an affair with Nathan Wade, though she has refused demands to step aside in the Trump election case.

County DA Fani Willis is in the headlines again but not for something Trump related. According to her own testimony, Fani Willis has admitted to having an affair with Nathan Wade the special prosecutor she hired to help in the case threatening to bring down Donald Trump ‘s very future entirely.

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