New report says the UK is using military bases in Cyprus to help arm Israel in its war in Gaza as death toll continues to soar

A shocking new report has landed the UK in hot water. According to Al Jazeera, UK military officials are reportedly using a military base in Cyprus to quietly arm Israel in its war in Gaza that has both displaced and killed thousands of innocent Gazans with no end in sight.

The Lowdown

Jazeera reports that the base in question has been identified as one of two in Cyprus. The base Akrotiri, near Limassol in southern Cyprus, is only one of two in the country that the RAF retained following the 1960’s treaty that helped Cyprus along gaining independence from colonial rule.

Protesters continue to gather outside of the base in support of a ceasefire and other measures to stop the monstrosity of a death toll in Gaza per the same report.

This report is part of our ongoing coverage of the Israeli-Hamas war.

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