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Why we don’t often write on weekends (but occasionally do)

As a newspaper, we have always thought that the news should be consistent but never quite a 24/7 news cycle because it can get pretty overwhelming for both reader and editor(s) involved. Some of you have asked over time why our weekend reporting is usually limited to a few articles here and there.

That is because several years ago we instituted a policy where it is not required to work on weekends. In fact, most of our staff prefers to take their now mental health days on the weekends and once on Tuesday (but are free to publish as they wish or may bump into a headline-worthy story IRL.)

We have always prided ourselves on our mental health approach because this business and this industry can be daunting for people including us (even though we’ve been around for a very long time.)

We appreciate those who have long understood that and rewarded us with staunch reader loyalty. We hope each and every one of you is safe and loved out there.

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