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Good afternoon everyone and welcome to this edition of Bazaar Express.

  1. More hostages have been released from Hamas captivity

According to reports, 30 or so hostages were released by Hamas since yesterday in the latest ongoing swap efforts with Israel in the besieged territory. The latest swaps come as Netanyahu has promised to Israel ‘s war against Hamas even after ordinary people are long gone.

2. What’s on TV tonight? (hint: it’s juicy.)

A Nearly Normal Family – Rating A

How far would you go to protect your family if they committed a crime?

3. Rosalyn Carter ‘s memorial service in Georgia drew everybody one could possibly imagine.

Former First Lady and humanitarian Rosalyn Carter who recently passed away was laid to rest recently. This week her second public viewing took place in Atlanta Georgia to scores of admirers and people paying their respects. Among them guests including every living former First Lady, U.S Presidents, and their usual people.

4. Apple users stop tapping and scrolling and read this. Read this clearly.

IoS users need to be aware of a fake new Apple update that isn’t an actual update. Instead according to reports the update actually steals credit card and other sensitive information from the device. Users can read more about it here and how to protect themselves on their mobile devices.

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