Elon Musk has sparked furious backlash after offering to turn on Starlink internet services inside of Gaza amid the ongoing war

Elon Musk has attracted the criticism of the Israeli government. Amid the ongoing war, Musk has now revealed on X that he intends to open up Starlink to those in Gaza. The move has sparked criticism from those in government.

On Sunday, billionaire Elon Musk announced on X that he intended to use his Starlink internet service inside of Gaza. According to his posts, Musk intends to turn the service on for widespread use in the area but multiple things have to be worked out. In the same announcement, Musk claims extraordinary measures will/would be taken to prevent its misuse. Those measures reportedly include strict security checks by both the U.S. and Israeli governments.

Israeli’s communications minister slammed the move on X as Israel seeks to expand its ground operations inside the Gaza Strip.

The Comms blackout in the area has complicated the already unbelievably complicated situation unfolding on the ground. Without proper Comms and internet services, many arteries of the essential relief network cannot actually function.

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