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Bazaar Express: Adams’ fundraising aide under fire yet again, NY rep accused of sexual assault, what’s on TV tonight, plus more top headlines from the Express

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to this edition of Bazaar Express (sometimes called The Afternoon) by Bazaar Daily.

  1. Crypto king CK will step down as part of a $4B settlement with the DOJ

Crypto king CK who helped lead the world’s largest crypto exchange will be stepping down from his post. According to a settlement between Binance and the DOJ, CK will be forced to step down from his post on top of a $4B fine the company must pay as a result of the case. Binance is the latest crypto company to dance with the law for various purposes in recent years.

2. What’s on TV tonight?

The best part of the winter season is that it is officially time to gather around the virtual screening room for real this time. Tonight we’re starting the annual Home Alone marathon.

3. Adams’ suspended fundraiser in the investigation into his alleged corruption has some explaining to do.

Reports out Tuesday claim that the woman identified as Ranna Abbasova allegedly told several campaign staffers at the time to ‘delete’ messages from a number of devices following the widely publicized FBI raid on Adams’ campaign. Authorities raided Adams’ campaign earlier this month after it began to surface that his relationship with the Turkish government may be more than what it seems.

4. A troubling rape claim in New York politics has drawn widespread condemnation

NY State Senator Kevin Parker has been accused of sexual assault. According to reports, the allegation against Parker goes back to almost 20 years ago when the two coordinated relief efforts for Haiti. The complaint notes that the woman Olga Jean-Baptiste claims that the assault took place in her apartment after Parker allegedly grabbed her by the wrists during a random moment and proceeded to assault her.

5. Rain and heavy winds are expected to pummel this weekend. This bulletin also applies to customers of our dog service Royal Paws in Brooklyn.

According to the weather, New York City is expected to get hit with the first holiday storm of the season. Weather.com shows that heavy rains and expected winds are expected to arrive in the boroughs as the holiday week comes to a close. As a result of this, customers of our dog service in the boroughs may experience delays getting service.

6. According to Israel and Hamas a deal to release hostages and pause the war may be imminent.

Several reports indicate that both Hamas and Israel are approaching a deal to release hostages from Hamas captivity. The deal according to USA TODAY will not include a ‘total-ceasefire’ despite international calls for one. There are still hundreds of hostages in captivity by the militant group as the war drags on.

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