Everything you need to know about the latest on Eric Adams and his corrupt relationship with Turkey + new details surface implicating him even further

It’s a new week and that means it is time to recap where in the world is Eric Adams this time and who is he wining and dining. In this guide, we’re going to explore all of the latest updates as posts on X prove New Yorkers are turning against the troubled mayor.

Mayor Eric Adams of New York City has a whole host of activities he’s been up to with Turkey according to new reports. According to a Politico report, those activities included: more than 80 events, wining and dining a Turkish airline executive (that he would later hire to his campaign), and even claimed the nation was an outstanding place to essentially do business.

All of those comments and claims of course have come back to haunt him amid the investigation into claims he has been corrupt this entire time. Adams is one of many politicians across party-aisles to face allegations of corruption in one form of several forms over the past several years throughout the United States.

His alleged corruption of course also comes as New York City beckons with financial difficulties amid the crushing migrant crisis and a number of woeful missteps by Adams during said crisis.

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