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Bazaar First: Critics pounce on George Santos wild receipts claim, Mary Trump ‘s dig at Ivanka as Trump family divisions are more obvious than ever, what’s on TV tonight, plus how America is financing Israel ‘s war in Gaza

Good morning everyone and welcome to Monday ‘s edition of Bazaar First.

  1. George Santos is in more trouble than ever before and still freely lying for the world to see.

Disgraced Representative George Santos is struggling to maintain a sense of truth as he battles several federal charges. In a string of interviews following his indictment, Santos appears often to be intentionally lying. His latest interview is below:

2. What’s on T.V tonight?

Tonight we’re gathering to watch Wingwomen on Netflix. After a life of high profile professional robberies, Carole and Alex want out of the life for good but their ruthless boss has other plans… or else.

Rating: A

3. Mary Trump and Ivanka Trump are duking it out.

4. A look at how taxpayer funds in the United States are being used to engage in war in Palestine killing thousands of innocent people.

Take a look at this eye-opening article.

5. A young girl thought to have died in the initial Hamas attacks may actually be alive according to Israeli intelligence reports.

Early on in the war, reports indicated that a young girl who was kidnapped by Hamas was probably killed. Reports out Monday now say that by way of Israeli intelligence reports that Emily Hand, 8, may be alive after intelligence reports gathered evidence suggesting such. According to the family, there’s more to the story now.

“We were told that she had been murdered. We were in mourning,” said Emily’s half-sister, Natalie, 26, according to the Times of Israel. “On Oct. 31, they told us that it was highly likely that she had been abducted.”

6. Winter is set to bring a delightful northern lights show perhaps the best in years according to scientists.

Scientists now say that this winter is set to be a delightful one. The Guardian found that scientists have discovered that this display is set to be the best in probably 20 years. Some of the lights have already been seen over England.

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