The Morning: Israel has been attacked by Hamas, humans arrived much earlier in the Americas than originally thought, the Walgreens walkout is coming, plus what’s on Netflix this lazy Sunday

Good morning and Happy Sunday everyone. Our hearts go out to those affected by the unprecedented attacks in Israel by Hamas over the weekend.

  1. Israel is reeling this morning following surprise attacks by Hamas overnight.

According to reports, the surprise attacks (at least some of them) managed to evade detection by Israel intelligence services. CNN reports that as a result of the attacks hundreds have been killed so far following the attacks. Israel has responded to the attacks and vowed a critical response to such actions.

2. A new discovery appears to confirm that humans made it into the Americas much earlier than originally thought.

A fascinating new find appears to have revealed a new fact about human history. According to this study (click here), humans arrived in the Americas at least 23,000 years earlier than originally thought. The find comes from the discovery of a collection of footprints found in what is now New Mexico back in 2021.

3. Walgreens is the latest company preparing to seek a walkout over what employees are calling harsh work conditions.

Beginning next week, it may be a tad difficult for some people in the U.S to get their prescriptions. CNN reports that a mass walkout is planned next week across numerous states. Most of the employee complaints have to deal with working conditions; requirements around filling prescriptions, trouble amongst management and executives, and often being stuck dealing with angry customers as a result of these issues.

4. What’s on netflix tonight…

We’re watching ‘Somebody’ on Netflix. It’s a spicy Korean drama about a dating app that is exposed as the platform of choice of a serial killer. Just a fair warning, this series is not in any form suitable for kids. This series contains sexual content; nudity, and similar scenarios.

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