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Start your morning: Zelenskyy in Washington, spending bill showdown continues and more

Start your morning is a morning newsletter brief by Bazaar Media to help you start your day right. From coast to coast and west to east of the globe this newsletter brings you the most important bits you probably missed overnight.

  1. Volodymyr Zelenskyy is in Washington D.C today.

Security measures are in place this morning amid sudden reports that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy will travel to the United States to rally support for Ukraine. This comes amid claims by the incoming House majority (GOP) that they will back out of many of the support packages for the country. That in itself comes as members of the GOP including their talking heads on American television push pro-Russia propaganda against the country and its citizens.

2. Planned Parenthood in Kansas is now offering telehealth abortions

Planned Parenthood in Kansas at least has announced that they’re now offering telehealth abortions (medication) to patients. The move comes as the agency hopes to further expand its services statewide since the state previously became a haven for abortion. Voters in Kansas previously decided in a near unanimous vote to keep constitutional protections for abortion within the boundaries of Kansas regardless of GOP pushback.

3. After swift and prompt bakclash (and the legality over it all together) Twitter’s new policy is no more.

Earlier this month, Twitter announced abruptly that promotion of rival social networks would no longer be allowed on user profiles but would be allowed in paid promotion gimmicks. The move prompted intense backlash even from regulators as many pointed out such is illegal in Europe. The move has since been rescinded and is being left up to users according to reports.

4. Millions of Americans (listen up US readers) are set to lose their pandemic Medicaid insurance (CRITICAL UPDATE)

Americans who were briefly enrolled in Medicaid throughout the pandemic are now set to lose that insurance coverage in place of employer or health insurance marketplace coverage. According to reports out this week, this coverage (depending on the state in which you live) will begin sunsetting in April of next year presumably so long as you get notified of such happening first. 25 Republican led states led a letter to the President on Monday citing concerns over bloated ‘enrollment’ but offered little to no solution for those who still wouldn’t be able to afford healthcare otherwise. The feds are also winding down extra funds given to states to help with the extra enrollments.

5. Republicans really really are desperately trying to mandate thee bedrooms of American adults.

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