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Good morning and Happy Thursday. Grab that latte and lets dig in.

1. Sidney Powell and Kenneth Cheseboro are now asking the judge in the GA case to separate them from the case all together.

Disgraced lawyer Sidney Powell and fellow Co-defendant Kenneth Cheseboro are making a dramatic ask. According to reports, the two revealed in court filings that they are seeking to be separated from the other defendants in the sprawling case. Unfortunately for them, Fulton County DA Fani Willis intends to try them all at the same time regardless.

2. A major fire in Johannesburg has reportedly killed 70 people according to local media reports

Region reports in the area are reporting that 73 people died yesterday following a serious fire. CNN reports that the fire took place in a five story apartment building. The graphic scenes quickly circulated social media.

3. Updates on that storm in Florida and beyond

View the latest credible updates on the situation by clicking here.

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