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Sidney Powell has pleaded not guilty in the Georgia election fraud case against her

Notorious disgraced lawyer Sidney Powell has pleaded not guilty to all charges against her in the Georgia election case in Fulton County. According to reports, Powell has also waived her formal arraignment next week.

Infamous lawyer Sidney Powell who is one of the 19 defendants in Georgia’s historic election fraud case has entered a plea. According to CNBC, Powell appears to intend to fight the charges despite the credible case presently against her.

Fulton County DA Fani Willis in a court filing argued that all defendants in the case who in any way request a speedy trial should face the same trial date as all other defendants.

“All Defendants should be tried together, but at an absolute minimum, the Court should set Defendant Powell’s trial and that of any other defendant who may file a speedy trial demand on the same date as Defendant Chesebro’s,” Willis wrote per a court filing, according to CNBC.

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