Alleged human trafficker and notoriously awful human being Andrew Tate released from house arrest pending trial

Perhaps the world’s worst example of an influencer, Andrew Tate, is finally preparing to stand trial for some of the horrifying crimes he’s accused of. This week Tate was released from Romanian house arrest pending trial on trafficking charges.

The internet’s most notorious not-so-macho influencer Andrew Tate is temporarily a free man. According to Romanian authorities, Tate along with his brother was released from home confinement pending trial on human trafficking charges. Both men are accused of luring unsuspecting women into their bizarre sex ring and then entrapping them.

Elsewhere in the same charges they’re accused of rape; entrapment, trafficking, and forming a criminal gang to intimidate women along the way. Tate maintains that he has done nothing wrong and instead turns to his hyper-masculine crowd online for hype and attention as his brand has largely come crashing down.

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