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Golden State Killer not cooperating with authorities: State Police

The man  believed to be the Golden State Killer apparently isn’t cooperating  with police. According to California authorities,  Joseph DeAngelo ‘s lawyer is fighting to prevent the state from  gaining access to his DNA. In a bid  to prove he is indeed the rapist and killer behind the horrifying crimes.

Per local reports,  DeAngelo is scheduled to appear before a judge in Sacramento today. A hearing meant  to fight the warrant retrieved by the District Attorney to collect further DNA evidence. A feat, that his public defender (“Diane Howard”) argues that is unconstitutional.  DeAngelo  awaits trial for more than a dozen murders and almost 5 dozen rapes.

The case took an interesting turn leading up to the arrest of DeAngelo, because, a relative had reportedly turned over DNA to an ancestry-related website that later led to the discovery of DeAngelo — some of which was a former police officer in the state.



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