Republicans are about to launch a dog and pony show live in action out of DC amid reports that Hunter Biden ‘s ex-BFF is set to testify in a supposed Biden scandal

Republicans are gearing up to hear the testimony of former Hunter Biden’s BFF and business partner Devon Archer. Archer claims to have supposed pertinent information that ‘proves’ President Biden played a part in the so-called many foreign business deals Biden had throughout the world.

A supposed ‘bombshell’ testimony is just a mere short time away from being broadcasted to the world. According to reports, Devon Archer has arrived in Washington to aide what many see as a smear campaign against the Biden family. Archer who as the story goes once worked with Hunter Biden himself, though, Archer claims to have evidence that Joe Biden knew what was going on and knew all along.

Part of that so-called testimony is set to include the claim that Hunter Biden often put his father on speakerphone when doing business deals with foreigners over the phone. Some of those foreigners included some alleged troubling players including one who claims that he was coerced into paying the Biden duo $10m.

We will be following this story further as it unfolds.

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