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Hours after the 6-3 ruling that Joe Biden’s student forgiveness plan is unconstitutional — the next move from the President has been announced.

Students should not get their hopes up immediately.

This law likely will be challenged the same way the last one was.

Students and borrowers should maintain a general expectation that due to the Supreme Court leaning right — any challenges to this law will likely stop it.

Friday was a big day in Washington as the Supreme Court ended its term until later this year. In one of its final decisions, the court as expected ruled that Ioe Biden’s forgiveness plan was unlawful in its entirety.

Following the ruling, the White House has now announced that the government will move on student debt another way. That way being through a piece of legislation from 1965 known as the Higher Education Act. Biden maintains that the legislation allows for forgiveness and will attempt to make sure it happens.

What is the Higher Education Act?

The Higher Education Act is a piece of legislation that first came to be in 1965. Originally signed into law on 8 November 1965 by Lyndon B Johnson — it was meant to strengthen available resources including financially that colleges and universities had access among.

With that access the act meant to give these places access to better resources and financial aid to students in post secondary education. At the time this was signed this line sticks out from Johnson where he signed the act into law.

On 8 November 1965, he signed the act into law on the grounds of what is now Texas State University. In his prepared comments at the time, he reiterated that he believed access to post secondary education was no longer a luxury but a life necessity.

We’ve taken the liberty of digging up a copy of the 1965 version of the Act for everyone to read and understand.

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