International aid from various countries has been suspended in wake of mutinous soldiers overthrowing Niger ‘s government

The group of mutinous soldiers who abruptly staged a coup and took Niger’s president hostage have named the country’s new ruler. According to reports, the head of the former Presidential guard Gen. Abdourahmane Tchiani will lead the transitional body.

Reports out this week are painting a dire situation unfolding in Niger. As the weekend kicked off, reports surfaced that Niger had been overrun by its own military and eventually overthrown by the country’s Presidential guard. Now those mutinous soldiers have reportedly announced that Tchiani (who was about to lose his job) will lead the country though that will be harder than they probably imagined.

According to CNN, the European Union has now cut off financial aid to the country in the wake of the unlawful coup. Officials in the United States are understood to be exploring similar options as it does not appear that the rogue soldiers are willing to give up.

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