Start your day: No winner in Spain ‘s elections, Crime Stoppers sparks criticism, plus America ‘s heat wave laid bare as sweltering heat rattles the US

Happy Monday everyone let’s tuck into a latte and get down to business this morning. From Spain to Phoenix there’s allot going on, no sponsor this week.

  1. The heat wave in Phoenix is so bad people who touch the pavement are turning up at ERs with third-degree burns

Warning: If you do not have to go outside and you are in a city that is currently experiencing triple digit weather. Don’t. According to reports, a number of people in Phoenix have suffered third-degree burns simply by how hot it is and whether or not they somehow come into contact with a surface or the pavement.

2. Spain ‘s election results are here and they’ve totally defied predictions as no clear winner has been announced.

Hours after Spain ‘s election the results are finally coming in. According to those results, there is no clear winner in the election and therefore a power-sharing agreement must now be made for the government to function. Critics and others had worried that a far-right sweep in the country would lead to rollbacks of decades of social progress and change. The country and voters managed to once again fend off far-right rule with the last time such rule has been in place being 1975 (during the rule of Francesco Franco.)

3. Israel is moving ahead with those judicial changes despite the likelihood of significant social disruption

Israel is on the brink of dictatorship this week after it was announced over the weekend that parliament is in fact moving forward with a series of shocking judicial changes. Those changes of course are nothing more than a dramatic power grab by Benjamin Netanyahu who is seeking to weaken the country’s judicial system in favor of himself and his political party. Critics have likened the changes to (‘flirting with dictatorship.’)

4. As Carlee Russell’s terrifying tale of an abduction falls into question, Crime Stoppers says the $63k reward money will not be returned to donors.

According to reports, Crime Stoppers did an about-face and has now decided that the reward money in the case will not be returned (at least right now it appears.) The agency says that the investigation in the case is ongoing and that appears to be the reason why.

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