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Fox has been dealt another blow in Dominion lawsuit as judge sanctions network lawyers

A judge has dealt yet another blow to Fox News in the defamation case against the infamous right-wing network. Judge Eric Davis issued sanctions against Fox’s lawyers as a result of the reported misleading statements.

Fox is set to go to trial next week despite the most recent developments.

The extraordinary move comes after the judge in the case signaled that he believed there may have been misrepresent-ions made to the court.

Particularly, it is said that Fox’s lawyers lied to the court when asked what role Rupert Murdoch actually had at the network. The characterization of Murdoch’s role at the time was misleading according to the court.

“I am very concerned… that there have been misrepresentations to the court. This is very serious,” Delaware Superior Court Judge Eric Davis said Wednesday at a pretrial hearing in Wilmington.

Fox must now preserve all communications to;from, and involving Rupert Murdoch. It is alleged that Fox downplayed his role to stop themselves from having to turn over certain documents in discovery.

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