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Harlan Crow is far more involved with Clarence Thomas than he is leading on

Billionaire Harlan Crow ‘s dealings with Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas apparently go far beyond exotic trips. According to reports out Thursday, it has now been discovered that Crow and Thomas ‘s relationship also extends to other areas of Thomas ‘s life. A new report suggests that Harlan once bought a $133,000 home from Thomas but the deal was never reported. This occurred in or around the area of Savannah Georgia where Thomas ‘s mother had still lived in the home even after the transaction took place. It isn’t clear why Crow also bought two lots next to the home.

It is the first known transaction between Crow and Thomas directly. It comes as many are beginning to question just how deep Thomas is in bed with the wealthy. It is understood, according to ProPublica that a 2014 deed is how much of this information was discovered.

This is another violation for Thomas who by law is required to report real estate sales of more than $1,000.

When questioned about the sale Crow told ProPublica he bought the home, where Thomas partially grew up, to one day preserve it for future generations. 

‘My intention is to one day create a public museum at the Thomas home dedicated to telling the story of our nation’s second black Supreme Court Justice,’ he said. ‘I approached the Thomas family about my desire to maintain this historic site so future generations could learn about the inspiring life of one of our greatest Americans.’ 

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