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Cops have questions but not enough answers. As we reported yesterday, cops announced in a press conference that they had run into some problems investigating Russell ‘s disappearance. Police now say they are actually almost entirely unable to verify that Russell was actually abducted.

In the days leading up to her disappearance, there were a series of concerning internet searches that immediately caught the attention of police after they found them.

July 11, 7:30 a.m. — “Do you have to pay for an Amber alert”

July 13, 1:03 a.m. — “How to take money from a register without being caught”

July 13, 2:13 a.m. — “Birmingham bus station”

July 13, 2:35 a.m. — “One way bus ticket from Birmingham to Nashville” with a departure date of July 13

July 13, 12:10 p.m. — “The movie ‘Taken'”

Leading up to the call

July 13 8:40 pm – Russell leaves her workplace in Birmingham about 10 miles outside of Hoover.

From there she orders food from the nearby Colonmade shopping centre.

And then from there, she visited a Target where she bought cheez-its and granola bars. She stayed in the parking lot of that target until about 9:21 pm.

Police have acknowledged that following this point and leading into the final moments before she disappeared that they cannot verify that she was abducted.

49 hours on the clock but cops say her story during this time doesn’t add up. Was it all a lie or was she running from something?

When Russell finally returned home 49 hours later nobody was quite sure what to make of the situation at the time. Russell reportedly told investigators that she had been kidnapped by a white man who had been lurking in the shadows near the mile marker stop that she was seen stopping her car at. Investigators have not been able to confirm this detail. She also is understood to have showed up to her home she shares with her parents on foot.

Russell then told cops that after the man declared he was checking on a child (cops admit they can’t confirm there was ever a child) before he forced her over a nearby fence and into an alleged waiting vehicle. It’s important to note in this part of the timeline that cops were never able to confirm reports of a male toddler on the highway that night.

At this point, she told investigators that the next thing she remembered was that she was in a trailer with the man who had ‘orange hair’ along with a woman and she could actively hear a baby crying. She then allegedly made an scape effort but was recaptured ‘thrown into the vehicle again’ and takn to a nearby residential address.

Russell has since refused to cooperate further with police.

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