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In a dramatic turn of events, Americans are joining forces with their unions and have now put the US on a crash course for its biggest strike in decades

UPS; Postal Workers, Hollywood, these are just some of the groups backed their powerful unions that are all but threatening to shut it all down — until those at the top come down to the table for real and authentic negotiations.

Behind the scenes negotiations between unions and executives at various companies continue this week as top brass scramble to avert potentially devastating disruptions across numerous industries. But it’s not just UPS and the Postal Service Detroit ‘s big 3 automakers are also threatening to go on strike if negotiations fall through later this month.

UPS, for example, has 10 days to finalize a deal with the Teamsters union before a 31 July deadline. A UPS strike would have serious consequences for parcels and shipments throughout the United States.

In recent years, the US and several other western nations have seen a resurgence of labor unions. The unions had previously lagged for decades dating back to the 1970s.

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