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The new year has begun and it’s time to get all those resolutions done. Exercising more, working harder, and getting more projects done around the house, are all worth while goals for the year. But, when all that is done, most people want to kick back and relax for a bit. So what should be done with the time off that most people work so hard for? Where should you go? Don’t struggle with those questions. Ticket prices will vary based on time and location, however KAYAK.com has the best service out there. They will give you individual flight, hotel, car rental prices, and total packages that are based on when you want to travel. Check out this video on what Travel+Leisure says about the Top 10 destinations to travel to in 2016 as brought to you by Today.com. Then, read our list below.

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 According to Travel+Leisure, here is their top 10 list of places you should visit this year when you want to get away.

10. Asbury Park, New Jersey

Asbury Park, New Jersey

Okay, before you run for the hills asking: How in the world could New Jersey make anyone’s top 10 list of travel destinations? Check this out. Asbury Park is a beautiful little seaside town, it has a real mix of history. Places like Stone Pony where the “Boss” Bruce Springsteen has performed, and trendy shops like the Market at Fifth Avenue. Here you can get tons of trendy jewelry, clothes, and nicknacks. This sleepy little town is nestled Oceanside, just outside New York City, 90 minutes to be exact. It is a great weekend getaway spot, especially in the summer. Depending on when you go, you can get a good room at The Empress Hotel for $99 per night.

9. Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt, Germany 1

Frankfurt is no longer just for business men and bankers. This ever expanding European city has elegant restaurants like Maxie Eisen that would make any foodie beg for more. Hotels like The Roomers, have a very futuristic design, showing Frankfurt is now an up and coming tourist destination in Europe. Frankfurt is the most international city in Germany, boasting the largest financial center in the continent. Frankfurt also has the smallest metropolis in the world, with tons of things to discover close at hand. No matter where you come from, you can always find people who know and speak your language, and a restaurant that will serve you your favorite meal. Learn about Frankfurt’s most well-known son, Johann Wolfgang Goethe, as you marvel at the city’s architecture. Frankfurt is also home to 13 museums that are devoted to various works of art. Everything from modern media to classical period paintings. You can find lodging at 4 star resorts like The Michel Hotel Wetzlar for 69 Euros per night.

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8. Douro Valley, Portugal

Douro Valley, Portugal 1

Thought Napa Valley, California was always the wine capital of the world? Think again. Douro Valley holds the title as the world’s first officially designated wine region. A title that Douro Valley holds on to very strongly.Wine enthusiasts will find the many wineries and rolling hills, Awe-inspiring. Douro Valley could easily be named, Enchanted Valley because of the magic and beauty its landscape offers. You can start at Vila Nova de Gala and stop by the lodges where the Port wine is slowly aged. This is where you go to increase your knowledge of wine vintages. You can continue until you reach Miranda do Douro, which is the point at which the river enters Portugal. You can stay at 4 star hotels like the Hotel Da Estrela for as little as $74 per night.

7. Hangzhou, China

Hangzhou, China 1

If you want to visit China in style, you couldn’t go wrong visiting the city of Hangzhou, China. Hangzhou is one of China’s richest cities, as it boasts luxury hotels, and an eatery with renown chef, Jean-Georges Vongerichten, all encapsulated in stunning architecture. The uber-modern feel and look is well complimented with the natural beauty of West Lake. This makes Hangzhou, China a perfect tourist destination, that will meet a wide variety of traveler’s needs. This city is one of seven ancient capitals in China. The West Lake area is not only scenic, but contains more than 60 cultural relic sites and many attractions of tremendous beauty, just waiting to be explored. Cruising the lake is a great way to see these sites, if you are not the adventurous type. You can stay at the Oakwood Residence Hangzhou, a 4.5 star hotel for just $92 per night.

6. Lanai, Hawaii

Lanai, Hawaii 1

Okay, you had to know Hawaii would be in there somewhere. However, Lanai, Hawaii may not have been on your radar. This place is a real escape within paradise. You think Hawaii could get no better until you come to Lanai. Traffic lights do not exist on the island, and there are a total of only two hotels. This arrangement makes you feel like you have booked a vacation on your own private island. If you are looking for a place where you can truly get away from it all, this is the place to come. You can experience the peaceful tranquility of Lanai city. Grab a 4-wheel ATV and ride to Shipwreck Beach, or the tidal pools of Hulopoe Bay. Discover all the unexpected treasures of this island in a laid-back pace.

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5. Iran

Iran 1

Most of the other places that are mentioned are cities in major countries.However, Travel+Leisure decided to highlight the entire country of Iran. Iran boasts some of the most incredibly beautiful architecture, and Great Bazaar of Esfahan. You can also see the mosques of Kashan, the retreat of Safavid kings, and the excellently kept gardens of Shiraz. There is a waterway that leads to the historic Qavam house. Shiraz is known as the city of love and Persian poetry. It also includes the tomb of Hafez, a well renown Persian poet from the 14th century. Iran even has a ski resort at Shemshak, which is about 35 miles from Tehran. A historical mystic journey awaits you when you visit Iran this year.

4. Lille, France

Lille France 1

Paris is most recognized for it’s design, fashion, and food, but if you drive just a few hours more, you will find a little known charming town that is set to make a huge splash on the industry. In Lille, France you will find a modern art museum and stellar, top-of-the-line dinning options. You will find options like craft-beer dens, and neo-bistros. This city also supports up-and-coming fashion designers. They do this by providing designers retail space and business mentorship. One of the best parts of Lille is centered around the ‘old center’. The ‘old center’ houses a myriad of 17th and 18th century townhouses and other buildings. You can start in an open square called La Grand Place. Here, you will find yourself surrounded by intriguing buildings that introduce you to the stunning architecture of this city. The highlight of your visit to Lille is the Vieille Bourse, a great 17th century building that is made up of 24 exactly matched houses, that enclose a huge inner courtyard. These houses have been turned into shops that are impressively decorated. They also have the most intricate and detailed arcades to be found anywhere. You can stay at one of Lille’s 4 star hotels for a steal of just $97 per night.

3. Richmond, Virginia

Richmond, Virginia 4

This little Southern city has been bringing in history buffs year after year. However, the recent additions of various art galleries and shopping hot spots like Carytown, Richmond, Virgina has started to attract a new crowd. This town has it all for the weary traveler looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of life. From the craft beers to vegan baked goods, to the numerous bike trails, this town will rejuvenate your zest for life. Richmond has over 400 years of American history just waiting to be discovered. The monument laden cobblestone streets, lead you to world class museums. Want a little more excitement? Richmond also has Class IV rapids for the avid outdoors enthusiast. With over 900 restaurants, diverse and unique shopping locations, and must-see events, Richmond Virginia is perfect for long vacations or just weekend retreats. Hotel rates in this town start at only $55 per night.

2. Guadalajara, Mexico

Guadalajara, Mexico 2

The name may be a mouth-full but this Mexican city is less about the beach and much more about the art scene, music, and architecture. Sure if you’re looking for some fun in the sandy sun you can find that here too, but Guadalajara, Mexico offers so much more. The pleasant sound of Jazz music fills the air while great works of art by people like Jose Clemente Orozco hang in various local buildings. This city also has prestigious film festivals as well as world-class book fairs. Children can visit Museo Trompo Magico (Magic Top Museum). There are also places where children can dress up as Firefighters, make and edit their own movies, play instruments in a rock band, and even join a Brazilian drum group. The Guadalajara zoo has one of the biggest assortment of wildlife in Mexico with about 400 various species. Which include very rare and endangered species. Adults can travel to the town of Tequila to learn more about Mexico’s national drink. There is so much to do you won’t want to leave. You can get 4 star accommodations to compliment your stay at just $43 per night.

1. Bocas del Toro, Panama

Bocas del Toro, Panama

This is the number one place to visit according to Travel+Leisure for 2016. You will feel like you have stepped into Bali rather than Central America. Bocas del Toro, Panama is just one hour by plane from Panama City. Hotels here have over-the-water bungalows, exquisite seafood restaurants, and sparkling eye-popping blue waters all along the coastline. There are also many cays and islets to explore on your stay here. According to Travel+Leisure, Bocas del Toro, Panama “is home to some of the purest natural beauty in Latin America.” You can hike through dense tropical rain forests, explore coral reefs with an array of aquatic life, and enjoy wide savannas and remarkably deserted beaches. If you only travel to one place this year, Bocas del Toro, Panama is the place to go. Enjoy the beauty of Bocas del Toro for just $88 per night.

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