The list of schools now turning their backs on legacy admissions in the U.S is growing, but is it genuine or is it all an act?

Following the collapse of affirmative action in the United States, such sparked a renewed discussion about the use of legacy admissions at colleges across the country. Legacy admissions meaning the children of alumni who are almost always wealthy and white.

This time Wesleyan University joins the growing list of these schools now reporting and publicly declaring that the use of such policies shall end effective immediately. According to reports, the school noted in its announcement that the policy had ‘had minimal draw’ amongst its school it still stood as a sign of complete unfairness. Wesleyan joins other schools including MIT; John Hopkins, Amherst, and Carnegie Mellon who also have all banned the practice in response to the previous SCOTUS ruling that banned affirmative action.

Axios reports that a recent poll found unsurprisingly 75% of young Americans think the practice is unfair.

But social media users are right to wonder how long will the ban last when donor donations dry up.

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