Court Challenges in an effort to repeal legacy admissions in US colleges have arisen following the end of Affirmative Action

As the old saying goes two can play that game. According to reports, a formal lawsuit has emerged in the United States to strip colleges of the ability to engage in practices largely known as “legacy admissions.” The practice often heavily favours the children of donors; alumni, and white people.

Following the end of AA in the United States new legal efforts to take down the opposite of AA have emerged. In a lawsuit filed this week, a civil rights group is taking Harvard to task over their deployment of such at their University. Opponents of legacy admissions, and this goes without saying here, pointed out in the lawsuit that legacy admissions are no longer defensible if AA isn’t present to provide equal opportunity for everyone. Filed in Boston, per the AP, the suit claims that Harvard’s use of such policies constitutes a violation of the Civil Rights Act.

When the Supreme Court ended AA it did not go beyond the scope of ‘race’ being removed from the consideration process. That means that colleges can still give priority to donors and alumni.

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