ICYMI: Arkansas has abruptly removed AP African American studies from being eligible for graduation credit across the state

Following similarly in the footsteps of Florida, education officials in Arkansas are catching intense criticism today following several early reports that the state has restricted AP African American studies. On the state’s part, they claim that students can still take the course it just won’t count towards graduation as it typically has in the past.

Arkansas is the latest GOP state to find fairly random reasons to restrict access to courses in some way that they may not like. According to the AP, the state has removed AP African American studies from the eligibility list of classes that would otherwise provide graduation credit for seniors. The move of course has been heavily criticized by lawmakers; some parents, rights groups, and numerous others. Many cite that by removing the eligibility it sends the wrong message about the importance of the course.

The AP notes that the state had previously marked it as approved in error but it is not clear if it’ll be reversed.

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