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We’re getting into politics in the United States here’s what people need to know

Politics with a twist though. For many years we’ve avoided getting into politics in any form in the United States and even beyond. As a news organization, politics have always seemed like a toxic topic to deliver to the masses because somehow it always ends up being twisted into misinformation in certain parts of the United States.

Our editorial team in the coming weeks is set to launch a voter information portal to bring people current and factual information about the upcoming election in the United States. This portal will feature candidate information; their lies v the truth, voting records, their campaign finance records, and all associated relevant information.

What this does not mean:

  1. Political ads of any kind are still banned.
  2. Political candidates cannot buy ad space in the US version of this newspaper. Such advertising is prohibited.
  3. We will not be discussing our own politics as that is not appropriate to do.

Information found in this portal will all be manually verified by an editor. Artificial intelligence will not be used in the development of this portal as this is an important portal and we need people to have access to all relevant real information.

The portal is set to launch later this month in July.

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