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We’re going to be updating our policy and editorial content policy going forward, here’s what you need to know

After several months of internal deliberations and content review missions — we’re taking a new step to further legitimise our content and websites. In the coming weeks, our editorial content and general policies will be updated as we remove many of the scandalous articles previously written about celebrities and the like. The same content update will go towards people we’ve written about that have been accused of or charged with non-violent crimes.

We understand that being in the news of any kind can have profound consequences for the ordinary person and are immediately moving to undergo an extensive article review for articles that can be removed. However, we will not remove articles about people who have committed serious or violent crimes as we deem those to be important to the masses and the community in which makes our newspaper(s) possible.

There are allot of you who read our newspapers these days and we’ve listened to your feedback and your many support tickets. We appreciate the responses we’ve gotten regarding our editorial policies and published content and look forward to collaborating with the public in the future as society and the times we live in dramatically continue to change.

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