Target has bowed to far-right extremists in removing some of its Pride Merchandise sparking backlash across the U.S

US retailer Target has bowed to far-right pressure to remove their LGBTQ+ pride collections (that they ironically have sold almost every year for many years now) because they are increasingly becoming more inclusive for all.

Target has announced that following ‘threats of violence’ against its staffers in some stores it would be removing some of its pride merch from display. The pride merch in question is a one-piece adult suit that some falsely claimed was in the kid’s section, and the others were children’s pride gear. The adult piece featured markings like ‘Tuck Friendly’ among other things which appears to be the catalyst to the far-right’s fury over Target’s pride offerings. Other items elsewhere in the collection were created by a Satanic artist in the UK which understandably on that front anyone would have a hard time getting behind that.

As always folks, we’d like to remind people that LGTBTQ+ exists and have like anyone else since the dawn of time.

In a statement, Target chalked up the removal of the threats but provided no context to any of those threats or whether or not the store(s) in question would be seeking the assistance of law enforcement considering these actions were caught on camera.

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