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4 tips to stay safe on the increasingly dangerous New York City subway

General reminder: While New York City is generally considered safe, crime has risen above and underground. When out and about please remember to stay alert; one headphone in one headphone out, and any shiny valuables probably should be kept in your purse. A helpful tip for smartwatch users — no need to have your phone out if you have a watch on. Don’t give thieves or attackers a $1200 reason to attack you. Unfortunately, that is the new reality of life in New York City.

  1. During non-rush hours, wait for trains in designated areas.
  2. Avoid empty subway cars.
  3. During off-hours on the subway, ride in the conductor car. That’s in the middle of the train.
  4. Use subway entrances and exits where there’s the most activity.

Via the MTA.

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