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Prince Harry’s bombshell memoir is set to be published on 10 January as the royal races to water down content following death of Queen

Prince Harry is hoping to water down the content of his bombshell memoir following reports that his book is preparing for takeoff. According to reports published Wednesday, the memoir is due out early next year in January but not without some concerns over the content and that of the royal family. The Mail on Sunday reports that Harry is ‘taking a second and third look’ at the memoir to water any content that may seem damaging to the late Queen that who is believed to have been his biggest supporter (but not without controversy.)

Initially billed as a heartfelt and intimate look at the life of the Prince the book has garnered significant controversy over claims that it essentially amounted to a hit piece on the royal family (who appears set to go to war over most of the claims made in the book under the pretence of privacy.)

A source said: ‘Harry has thrown a spanner in the works,’ a source said. ‘He is keen for refinements in the light of the Queen’s death, her funeral and his father Charles taking the throne.

‘There may be things in the book which might not look so good if they come out so soon after these events. He wants sections changed now. It’s not a total rewrite by any means. He desperately wants to make changes. But it might be too late.’

It comes after Penguin Random House had already demanded a rewrite after the first draft was deemed ‘too touchy-feely’ and placed too much focus on mental health issues. 

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