Plot twist in the case of a Utah woman accused of poisoning her husband with fentanyl

Kouri Richins ironically wrote a book about surviving grief after the loss of a father, except prosecutors allege she failed to disclose she was the cause of the grief.

Richins according to reports stands accused of poisoning her husband with fentanyl amid alleged financial discussions that went wrong. Some reports suggest that Richins had not only went on a spending spree under his name, she attempted to buy a home he never agreed to buy.

The Associated Press got its hands on court documents related to the case which paint a picture of a Richins that would stop at nothing to enrich herself.

Between 2015-2017, prospectors further allege that Richins took out four different life insurance policies on her husband. Each of them understood to have been done without his knowledge totaling more than $2m.

Here’s where it went wrong.

Back in March 2022, the couple may have been experiencing marital issues. At the time, Kouri allegedly spiked a Moscow mule cocktail with an insanely strong dose of fentanyl. At the time, she maintained to cops that she had found her husband unresponsive later on in the middle of the night.

Until it had all come unraveling in the most spectacular fashion.

By the time cops caught up with Kouri this time she had already attempted to poison her husband on at least two other occasions. One of those being in Greece where she allegedly also poisoned a drink.

And it gets worse…

Deeper in the court documents, prosecutors revealed that they had discovered messages Kouri sent to a friend in the weeks prior. The messages reportedly sought how to obtain fentanyl and some of that ‘Michael Jackson stuff’ which would be a reference to propofol (the drug that ultimately killed MJ.)

Her hubby Eric Richins in the weeks prior to his death had other plans. The same court documents also revealed that Kouri was aware that Eric had planned to divorce her and change the terms of his will.

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