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Monday ‘s court date in the trial against Lori Vallow has revealed new text messages in the shocking saga. According to what was revealed in court, both Lori Vallow and her husband Chad Daybell exchanged intimate text messages all but 24 hours after Daybell ‘s estranged wife ended up dead at the time. Prosecutors argue that the text messages further reveal the wicked nature of Vallow ‘s personality.

FBI agent Doug Hart testified on Monday that in October 2019 the two were set to ‘secretly’ go qn a romantic date together when Doug sent her a text. Prosecutors argue that the texts in question mentioned ‘big news.’ Daybell ‘s ex-wife Tammy mysteriously died weeks later. Initially it thought that she died a heart attack but it is now understood that she died from asphyxiation.

On Daybell ‘s part he texted Vallow in the midst of the two attempting a date at the time thata there was ‘big news’ about his ex-wife Tammy.

Hello sweet angel. Big news about tammy. Please let me know if you’re awake’

He then wrote in texts: ‘Tammy has been switched. Tammy is in Limbo, and a level 3 demonic entity named Viola is in her body.’

‘Not fully sure of the timing for removal, but once her actions verify the differences, I don’t want to wait.’ 

In another instance, text messages retrieved from Vallow’s seized iCloud account revealed an eyebrow raising conversation. In that conversation, Vallow mentions ‘zapping’ if ‘they’ won’t behave or act write with Daybell declaring in his own text that ‘We’ll give them a reason to scream.”

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