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Disney beat Ron DeSantis at his own game

Disney appears to have beat Ron DeSantis at his own game almost in the most spectacular way possible. According to reports, just before the state takeover of Disney ‘s longtime Reedy Creek Improvement District — Disney quietly rushed to complete an agreement that all but renders DeSantis and his government powerless. It all starts with the fact that for the most part Disney owns swathes of the land within the district and that’s where DeSantis ‘s problem begins.

The agreement was apparently hashed out behind closed doors withiout notification to the government. Disney and its then board quietly put together a powerful agreement that has a number of restrictions in place that renders Florida powerless; DeSantis pointless, and means they remain in control and will for decades to come. Further in the agreement hashed out back in February, the company would maintain control over vast portions of its district for 30 years. Even worse for DeSantis, the new government appointed board can’t make any changes without the approval of Disney’s board members.

Hilariously, this means that DeSantis ‘s fascist government must now attempt to wrangle the district from Disney all over again. CNN reports that the government has since hired numerous lawyers all paid for by Florida taxpayers in an effort to quash the secret agqreement. The agreement was previusly noticed in the Orlando Sentinel as req’d by law.

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