Conservatives including Ron DeSantis are making it clear that the end goal is to stack the Supreme Court with a supermajority

The prospect of a DeSantis presidency just grew far more terrifying. In a new pair of appearances, the governor of Florida suggests that he may stack the supreme court even further giving GOPers an ultimate majority for nearly the next half-century. America would look more like something out of Gilead, the entire country needs to be completely for real right now.

Next week Florida’s Ron DeSantis is set to make his Presidential announcement official. In the midst of all of that, DeSantis has been making a host of appearances that otherwise should be capturing the attention of everyone. During his most recent appearance, DeSantis suggested that his ultimate goal as President would be to stack the Supreme Court for a conservative majority of 7-2. DeSantis is assuming of course that if he were to become President, there’s a chance he could replace both Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito.

DeSantis of course would have two terms in hopes of doing so compared to his arch rival Donald Trump. Trump on his part has made previous suggestions similar about the court, though, DeSantis ‘s comments call for a complete majority for decades to come. It is his latest selling point for a floundering campaign that has little chance of going national or outside of hard red states.

The New York Times notes that the comments and the potential of replacing a SCOTUS judge came up during an appearance at a broadcast event.

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