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A startling example of why some don’t belong in customer service has emerged. According to police in Tennessee, the manager of a popular Wendy’s restaurant has been arrested and charged with violent assault.

Demarrus Pritchett according to arresting documents was the manager of the restaurant in Huntingdon.

This is where it gets interesting. Documents show that a Mr Johnson was subjected to hot oil after complaining to Pritchett that he had been served cold food and was denied a refund.

The incident reportedly began at the drive thru window and then got ugly. After arguing with Pritchett at the window about his cold food, Pritchett, left the window and then returned with a frying pan full of hot oil.

Luckily, Johnson did survive without any major injuries though did suffer some pretty bad burns according to reports. Pritchett has since been released on $5,000 bail.

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