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Following backlash Netflix has removed the LGBTQ+ marker on that Dahmer series (but it should’ve never been there, to begin with)

Netflix is making headlines for yet again another gaffe that has people talking. With the recently released Jeffrey Dahmer series, the series bewilderingly was given an LGBTQ+ tag (or marker) inside of the streamer’s directory which quickly caught the attention of social media. The tag is generally used for documentaries; movies, and other content that reflect the real nature of the LGBTQ+ community and not quite literally a human cannibal that sought to destroy the community. Netflix of course has since removed the tag following intense backlash.

Social media quickly pounced on Netflix for the shocking decision to include the tag in the first place.

The streaming service faced criticism over its classification of the 10-part series

Netflix subsequently removed the LGBTQ tag from the miniseries

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