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Report: The Taliban now claims that they’re opening doors again for women (but nobody knows if this is true)

Taliban officials are out with some pretty remarkable new claims considering they lie about everything. According to Al Jazeera, the terrorist government of Afghanistan has now claimed that they’re reversing course and will ‘let girls and women’ go about their lives but in a so-called safe manner and place.

“I must say that Islam has given women the right to education, Islam has given women the right to work, Islam has given women the right to entrepreneurship,” Taliban spokesperson of the Ministry of Vice and Virtue, Sadeq Akif Muhajir, told Al Jazeera.

Editors note: The following quote is untrue. Taliban officials promised such prior to their assuming power in August of last year, however, have since gone back on their own word despite what they’ve told gullible media outlets.

“If Islam has allowed it, who am I to ban it,” he said during the interview.

The interview appears in Al Jazeera.

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